(Senopati Logistics System)

Senologsys is warehouse management system that is provided as part of Senopati warehouse management services. Senologsys is developed by Senopati developer team.

Beside senologsys, our development team also developed web-based ERP, production control, transportation management and digital check sheet.

Senologsys already implemented in PT Senopati and our groups .i.e. PT Wima Technology Center (Manufacturing), PT. Senopati Fujitrans International Logistics (Logistics Services). Our Warehose Management System ready to be interfaced with customer system such as SAP. Senologsys integrated with RF gun for barcode scanning, to speed up operations.


Great Support

Our applications is developed by expert programmers with high experience in web based programming. Our team also reinforced by expert ERP and WMS implementer. Our web based applications is built and served on Ubuntu Server, NginX Web Server, with PHP and Java Script language. Our applications is compatible with MySql and MariaDB database. Senologsys also operated with RF Guns for e-receiving, putaway confirmation, picking and packing.

Our applications have been developed with vision to simplify WMS and ERP application and enable user to learn quickly and our web based application, and can be operated under any operating system that installed with Google chrome browser. Our system is full customized to meet customer need, can be used as template for all warehouse operation.